Our wedding party

God has blessed us with amazing friends and family! We are so thankful for the people who will stand with us in our wedding, and more importantly, in our life!

Joel's attendants
  • Andrew Newberry, Best Man
    Andrew and I met the same summer that I met Trisha. We became close friends in 2007, and although Texas has currently stolen Andrew away, there is nobody I'd rather have be my best man. We've had some amazing adventures together! We figure we've spent time together in six different states! And it wasn't on a roadtrip!
  • Joseph Thouvenel, Groomsman
    I got to know Joseph because he was my boss at Twin Rocks from 2004-06, but I've had the privilege of getting to know him as a friend ever since then. He is someone I greatly respect, and his role in my life while I worked for him played a big part in my desire to pursue a similar career. Joseph, it means a lot that you're standing by me in my wedding!
  • Chris Muse, Groomsman
    I got to know Chris when I lived with him during part of my time in Seattle. We shared too many hilarious memories to even begin to recount, while living in a tiny house we affectionately termed "The Mouse Trap". While I only got to be around Chris for about a year before he moved back to Texas, he's one of those people who you just pick up where you left off at from the last time you saw each other. I miss you buddy!
  • Nathan Gonino, Groomsman
    Nathan and I attended Bible College in Wyoming together. He became my closest friend there during my last two years of school, and I greatly appreciated our times together. While distance separates us and we don't get to talk nearly as much as I'd like, I always knew I'd have him in my wedding. We also shared so many hilarious times together. Nathan definitely has some stories to tell regarding things that happened while we were in school together. HAHA!
  • Paul Schneider, Groomsman
    Paul has become a good friend to me during my time living near Yakima. He's just a really good guy, there's just no other way to put it. SADLY, he likely won't be at my wedding, because he's off in Romania serving the Lord, but he definitely deserves a mention here, because I asked him to be in my wedding even though I knew he probably couldn't. I've appreciated our late night chats over the past few years, and I hope he'll return sooner rather than later!
  • Jacob Whitehead, Groomsman
    Jacob is my younger brother by four years. We were the typical wrestling (he usually won...) and occasional duke it out kind of brothers, but I have appreciated watching the man that Jacob has grown into. He is quite the driven individual, and I am proud to call him my brother. He's also been blessed with a great woman who we're excited to have join our family sometime very soon after Trisha does!
Trisha's attendants
  • Michelle Livingston, Maid Of Honor
    One mind and two personalities: this is the best way I've found to describe us. Michelle and I went to college together and worked at Tilikum together the summer of 2006, but it wasn't until we were roommates after college and drove across the country together that we realized how much we were meant for each other! 4 and a half years later and it's still a perfect fit. I love you, Michelle! :)
  • Breanne Sherwood, Bridesmaid
    Oh, Breanne! Ever since the Lord brought us together the summer of 2006, she has been a sister to me in so many ways. From singing loudly to 90's music in her blue jetta to having boy rants and rousing in our own OCD soap boxes, it has been such a meant-to-be journey together. So glad you hand picked me!
  • Kayla Erickson, Bridesmaid
    Roommates for only one semester in college, Kayla and I have lived apart for nearly the entirety of our friendship. We have managed, however, to successfully maintain a beautiful and close friendship. From visits across states and countries, to emails and phone calls, Kayla, you are one of my dearest friends! Your sane voice of wisdom has guided me so many times and helped bring peace to many experiences for me. So excited to continue our journey!
  • Heather Finch, Bridesmaid
    Heather and I were matched up together on a friendship blind date during our senior year of high school. Who knew that ten years later we would still be so close! I have loved journeying together with you and sharing so many memories! I am so excited now, too, to see you be a mother and I look forward to being mothers together in the future. I'm so glad we "accidentally" became friends so long ago!
  • Terese Monnette, Bridesmaid
    My bootylicious, laughter-loving, dancing partner, dear, dear friend! Roommates all throughout college, Terese and I have shared so many memories and experiences together. What a joy it has been laughing, dancing, crying, singing, relaxing, and living life alongside you, Terese! Even though these past few years we've lived apart...I so look forward to our friendship continuing to deepen over the years. You're stuck with me, girl! :)
  • Erin Betancourt, Bridesmaid
    Erin and I met when I first moved up to Washington and our friendship has continued to grow. :) We've shared a many sleepovers, hangouts up in the mountains, and conversations about our shared soap-boxes! I love it! So thankful for your loyal friendship, and I look forward to many years to come. :)
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